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For the deepest of cleans and truly immaculate results, steam cleaning is the way to go. With the power of heat and water-pressure, steam cleaning works like nothing else to dissolve stains and sticky compounds.

While it does take a little longer and cost a little more than dry carpet cleaning, the results are superior and longer lasting.

Thorough and effective, for the deepest of cleans

Steam cleaning is a very effective way of dealing with major carpet problems, and it’s the best way of removing even the worst of stains. While dry carpet cleaning will keep your carpets in pristine condition at a lower cost and at less inconvenience to you (it doesn’t take as long), it is steam cleaning that will get them truly perfect in the first place. While steam cleaning services usually cost just a little bit more, the difference they’ll make to your home or business is amazing!

How steam carpet cleaning works

The steam cleaning machines that our contractors use are very powerful. These are industrial-strength machines and are much better than anything your run-of-the-mill housekeeper or office cleaner might use. They have high-pressure jets for deep, thorough cleaning. This means they’re ideal for handling carpets that get a lot of foot-traffic, and they work harder than anything to absorb the grit and dirt that’s trapped in them.

Steam cleaning uses heat and water-pressure as its primary agents. The higher pressures, water and heat quickly dissolve the sticky compounds and deal with carpet tangles, isolating them and breaking them down. It’s an efficient and highly effective treatment that doesn’t damage your carpets. The steam cleaning process penetrates the entire carpet, separating its fibres and dislodging dirt and breaking down other residues that have built up over time.

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Benefits of steam carpet cleaning

Health and hygiene:Steam cleaning breaks down the sources of odours, such as fungi, moulds and other microscopic organisms. Heat takes care of these nasties, and prevents them from spreading throughout the home (or office). Water pressure brings them out of their hiding places so they can be easily removed. These treatments do wonders for dust-borne allergy sufferers.

Carpet reconditioning:The physical removal of so many materials from your carpets is a huge benefit. Your carpets are more than simply cleaned. They are structurally improved because the deposits of dirt and grit, which gradually destroy them, are gone. You’ll notice that a steam-cleaned carpet feels quite different, and that’s why. The fibres have been returned to their former glory.

Extending carpet life:Your carpets will last a lot longer. The destructive elements have been removed, and if you request carpet protection treatments as well as steam cleaning you will add years to the life of your carpets!

Appearance:Your carpets will look so much better after steam cleaning. People are often surprised to find that their carpets have become more colourful and look a lot fresher, compared to how they were before.

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Steam cleaning for carpets

We can help schedule a specialist steam cleaning service to address any carpet problems that you may have. Beyond a thorough clean, your carpets may also benefit from one or more carpet restoration and protection treatments. These will get your carpets back to mint condition, and keep them like that. These services don’t cost too much, and the feeling you’ll get from having fresh, clean carpets is well worth it! Beyond the one-off clean, the service professional we connect you with will be able to give you the right advice for your carpets, and can even schedule a regular cleaning program according to your needs.

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