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Perfect for the spring clean at home or regular office clean, dry carpet cleaning means no water, no moisture, and great looking carpets in very little time!

Special cleaning compounds are used to break down those impossible stains and blemishes and these are removed along with all the dirt and dust via vacuum suction.

An all-round solution for tough carpet problems

Dry carpet cleaning is a very efficient process, producing great results in very little time. Specialist cleaning products and techniques will absorb the dirt and grit that gets caught in your carpets, leaving them as good as new. It’s called "dry" carpet cleaning because very little moisture is involved in the treatment process, compared to "steam" carpet cleaning. Obviously, this is a better approach to cleaning those carpets that don’t respond well to getting wet, and it’s much quicker and more affordable than steam carpet cleaning.

How dry carpet cleaning works

Dry carpet cleaning products can be powders, granules, and even organic compounds. These are spread all over the carpet, and work their way right down to the base of the carpet. They break down stains and dissolve the materials that cause them.

The compounds are allowed to work on the carpet for a period of time, which of course depends on the type of carpet and how old it is and also on the cleaning agent that is used. Once they’ve done their thing, these compounds are removed via vacuum suction, taking all the dirt and other materials with them.

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Benefits of dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning techniques are very thorough and ensure a high level of extraction of the materials that damage carpets and cause health problems. Although other treatments may be required to deal with specific carpet issues, dry carpet cleaning is your tried and true cleaning method.

Dry carpet cleaning is particularly effective on older carpets, which are often filled with dirt and dust. It’s an essential treatment prior to carpet restoration, which is best carried out on a clean carpet with no residues.

Dry carpet cleaning also works very well on rugs, which are often subjected to a lot of daily wear. Persian rugs, for example, are a nice addition to the home or office, but their tightly weaved fibres tend to trap a lot of dirt. Dry carpet cleaning techniques are perfect for these kinds of rugs.

It’s also a great cleaning approach for high quality, expensive carpets, where deep piles may result from a build-up of residue. Our treatments are designed to provide the best results with minimal risk to your carpets. Our cleaning agents penetrate even thickest of piles, and remove grit very effectively.

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Dry cleaning for carpets

Of the full-spectrum carpet cleaning treatments that are available, dry carpet cleaning is usually the preferred option. You will save money, save time, and be able to discuss any specific carpet issues you’re having. Whether you’re simply looking for a spring clean or wanting to schedule regular carpet cleaning for your home, shop or office, or whether you require some expert help to deal with a couple of one-off problems, the people we connect you with will be well- placed to meet your needs.

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